Traditionally, PR and SEO departments work separately in any given organization.

This may have made a great deal of sense in the past, but we’ve come to realize that SEO and PR people are working at cross purposes by working apart.

As a matter of fact, both promotional areas have many of the same goals. So it makes sense that both groups would team up and work toward achieving the same thing together, which is greater visibility for their brand.

The Cross-Evolution of SEO and PR

Historically, public relations and search engine optimization were two distinct, very separate concepts.

In more recent years, these concepts have certainly moved a lot closer together.

Online marketing continues to evolve. As social media websites gain and lose in popularity, the ways that companies get their marketing and public relations message out to their audience have to evolve too.

Recently, companies started recognizing the value of combining their PR and SEO efforts.

For starters, the SEO folks can help the PR side receive greater traction in the search engines during the content creation process.

By adding focused, relevant keywords to PR stories, SEO agencies help the public relations department receive high first page rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On the other hand, the public relations team can use their connections with relevant industry influencers to help the SEO/content marketing team get better placements, more shares, and greater publicity for their content overall.

As you can see, in today’s digital evolution, PR and SEO teams absolutely belong together. They share the same objective and work toward achieving goals that are similar in nature.

Domain Boost

Unsurprisingly, when your domain receives an authority boost through social signals, backlinks, and shares, the website’s content naturally ranks higher in the search engines for industry related keyword phrases.

In the past, this was strictly the domain of SEO professionals. They were the ones to help their company domain get a major authoritative boost.

Now that PR teams are more willing to work with their SEO counterparts, search engine specialists can take PR content to the next level by making it much friendlier for the search engines.

By working together to create repeat successes, some companies are literally doubling their domain authority because both teams are creating content that provides their website with an SEO boost.

An Example of Domain Boosting in Action

When a PR team begins to put their public relations strategy into effect, one of their main ways to gain industry exposure is through guest blog posting.

Unfortunately, many PR teams often drop the ball because they fail to consider the SEO impact that this content could have on their company blog or website.

You see, as a guest poster, you’ll typically have the opportunity to post a byline along with your guest blog post.

Using this byline correctly is crucial for providing your blog or website with additional SEO domain boosting link juice.

So, PR teams need to meet with their SEO expert coworkers and have them go over their guest posts with a fine tooth comb.

By approaching guest posting this way, the SEO team will be able to effectively slip branded keywords into the content, link back to the company homepage, and get the business a powerful, branded backlink on a high authority domain.

This is one great example of boosting domain authority by making simple SEO tweaks to content that’s already being generated for other purposes.

So PR teams, you have to start leveraging your relationship with the search engine optimization staff to get the most out of your work. It’s a great way to improve your total effectiveness.

Networking for best outreach results

Improving Influencer Outreach Efforts

It isn’t always easy for SEO teams to connect with bigtime industry influencers during a 40-hour work week.

They already have so much technical work on their plates. It’s hard to find time to develop relationships with the biggest influencers in their industry on social media and other large platforms.

Since this is a huge focus for PR teams, it makes sense for them to help the SEO department get placements and shares from their influencer outreach efforts.

Why should both teams work on the same thing?

By combining their efforts, the SEO team can focus on the technical side while the PR team can help get placements, recommendations, likes, social shares and much more.

PR Special Events & Stunts

Again, the goal of PR and SEO teams working together is to increase visibility.

PR experts certainly know how to get their events and stunts promoted in the media.

Having additional search engine optimization help spreads their message even farther and wider.

Both teams working together will ensure more people learn about special events and PR stunts in a multitude of ways.

An Example of PR Special Events & Stunts in Action

Let’s say a local BMW dealership hosts a yearly car giveaway event.

In an effort to promote this event, the PR team kicks into action and begins sharing engaging and exciting content related to this once a year experience.

At the same time, the SEO team also begins creating content that they post on the company blog, social media sites, and anywhere else that is willing to give them a backlink pointing back to the company website and the special event in question.

If both teams decide to combine their efforts and work together, the PR team can help generate SEO backlinks with the help of the search engine optimization staff.

The SEO team can add critical keyword research and branded backlinks to the promotional content that they’re using for guest blog posts, social media posts, and more.

And at the same time, the content being generated by the SEO team can certainly benefit from the PR staff’s personal touch.

If the PR team takes the content generated by the SEO team and uses their valuable industry contacts and celebrity endorsements to spread this message far and wide, they will achieve powerful placements on high-value authority websites that generate powerful backlinks.

Back all this up with the fundamentals of web design that the both teams should have, and you have a killer team that will be able to work on major branding projects.

PR and SEO teams can work together as a cohesive unit to create phenomenal attention and powerful backlinks as they promote this special event together.


As you can see, PR and SEO teams must work together hand-in-hand for the greater benefit for their company.

We’ve just shared three powerful methods to make this happen. Begin implementing these strategies as soon as possible and reap the ultimate exposure and SEO rewards.