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Oct 23, 2020

Agencies that Build #2 – The Contractor Success Model | Jason Williams

Hey! We’re back again with the brand-new episode of Agencies That Build. This time around helping Casey with his hosting duties is Varun from Galaxy Weblinks as the co-host.

The latest episode highlights the need for independent contractors and offshoring. We are in conversation with Entrepreneur and Strategic thinker, Jason Williams, Co-founder & CEO of a one of its kind Boulder-based Digital Experience Agency They harness the power and individuality of independent contractors/collaborators to build, deploy, and distribute amazing products.

Before diving further into the session Casey brought out the Mjölnir for some classic myth-busting. Here are some of the myths that Jason busted for us:


  • To have an agency you need W2 workers, not independent contractors. 
  • There is less commitment from freelancers/contractors!
  • Offshore/near shore, the boundaries are becoming irrelevant! Choose the best person/ team to get the job done.

You give people a long rope, and they use it

Jason Williams

On one of the issues that Varun highlighted about establishing a culture in a distributed environment, Jason summed up culture for a distributed team something like this:

  • Culture creates and self corrects itself
  • Do what you said you were going to do
  • Deliver it on time
  • Show up for meetings
  • Communicate

The trio went on to dig deeper and uncover the secrets of working with offshore agencies/Independent contractors and how it’s actually more efficient than working with W2 full-time employees.

“How do you find the right contractors?”

  • Strong network of people
  • Vetting comes collaboratively through this network of people
  • Background checks
  • Efficiency and quality is gauged even before you start talking

Offshore/Onshore, boundaries between those have become irrelevant. You work with whoever is the best person to get the job done.

Jason Williams

On the future of technology, Jason added –

Just like the Internet connects the world, APIs will help establish an interconnected network of businesses that provide services.

For a better experience we highly recommend you give the Agencies That Build Podcast a listen. We’re also on YouTube if in case you prefer video over other mediums. 


  • Using a contractor model allows businesses to scale up or down as there is a need
  • Invest in contractors as well, give them access to agency attorney and accountant, so they can take charge of their finances
  • Using a subscription-based model, customers know that the job will get done in a certain amount of time, given a certain level of service, within a certain capacity

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