Apple users say hi to App Clips (Instant Apps)

In its first ever and one of its kind WWDC, Apple unveiled features that will define the newer generation of its system. iOS 14 update has a lot going for the home screen, navigation, Siri, accessibility, and privacy. One of the highlights of the announcement was App Clips.

In this article, we will explore this remarkable new feature of this iOS update. App Clips, which is similar to instant apps on Android lets you use an app without having to download it for one-off tasks, like booking a cab.

How is it done?

You can initiate the App Clip card to pop-up via QR codes, App Clip links, or an NFC tag. This card has an app description and the action you wish to complete; such as, hailing a cab! The card expands on clicking, giving you all the necessary information.

The main advantage of this feature is that the app works seamlessly with other apps (iMessage, Apple Maps, or Safari) as a pop-up without taking over the entire screen. This is especially handy when, say you are on the road, navigating via Maps. The App Clips will not force you to stop the navigation for looking at a food joint’s menu. Instead, it will let you browse and place orders via the App Clip.

The App clips are also compatible with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple. Therefore, no need to reveal your sensitive information to apps that you don’t trust, as you can pay via Apple Pay.

Another advantage of App Clips is that iOS wouldn’t run them in the background. Thereby, it restricts the background access to your phone’s information that the app could collect if it was to run in the background.

App Clips will save your time as it will lead you to your task directly and will not clutter your home screen. Additionally, your data will be erased in case you do not use App Clip frequently.

Although App Clips is similar to Android’s Instant Apps, it is a new and important feature for iOS users. The beta version is now available for public testing.

There are many more engaging features that have been introduced in the iOS 14 update. Have a look!

Infographic image of Apple iOS 14 Updates

Happy Exploring!

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