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05 Aug 2020

5 Useful Tips For UX Designers 

This article highlights the UI tips and tricks which will work in improving your overall design. Read to know more.

20 Jul 2020

Why it is better to partner with a Digital Agency than Freelancers?

In this article, we will discuss how a digital agency can prove to be more economical vis-à-vis freelancer/s.

16 Jul 2020

Why should you consider a Single Page Application for your next project?

Single page applications or SPAs popular in the developers’ community. Read on to find out the reasons for its popularity.

10 Jul 2020

Next JS or Electron | Which Way to Go?

This comparative piece will help you understand what Next JS and Electron frameworks are offering and which one's fit for your needs.

08 Jul 2020

Apple users say hi to App Clips (Instant Apps)

In this article, we will explore this remarkable new feature of this iOS update. App Clips, which is similar to instant apps on Android.

30 Jun 2020

5 ways to optimize your ecommerce website for Voice Search

Voice search is becoming primary choice of shoppers. Here's all you need to know to optimize your ecommerce website for voice search.

29 Jun 2020

6 Best practices to avoid common backend mistakes

We have listed down the 6 best practices to avoid backend mistakes, so you don’t have to cut corners at the backend of your project.

24 Jun 2020

7 layout fundamentals for that oddly satisfying UI

Here are some layout fundamentals that will help you in creating an eye pleasing design and reduce drop rates.

24 Jun 2020

Rethinking KPIs in the time of a pandemic

The businesses are adapting to the new world. In the process we need to think of more human KPIs that help us transition.

16 Jun 2020

Performance changes that we might see in Angular 10

As Google works on the next big upgrade of the popular framework, here are some notable tweaks that we might see in the new Angular 10.