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28 Jun 2021

How to Ensure Success in Your Next Software Release?

Here are some situations in which you can save time and money by delaying the release a little longer.

16 Jun 2021

Best Practices for Implementing and Maintaining CI/CD Strategy

With CI/CD you’re able to release software updates at any time in a sustainable way. Here are some best practices for CI/CD strategy.

11 Feb 2021

DevOps For Enhanced Business Growth

So let’s see how you can leverage DevOps to minimize implementation challenges and provide an enhanced user experience.

07 Apr 2020

5 common but extremely important DevOps practices

DevOps looks appealing as a plan, but the execution part is difficult. Read about the 5 common practices which will ease this process.

26 Feb 2020

Efficiently tackling complexities with Docker and Kubernetes

In this blog we breakdown the role of Docker and Kubernetes in container orchestration and how it helps you scale reliably and efficiently.

15 Nov 2019

Bugzilla vs Jira | Who is the king of Bug tracking in Agile?

Individual performance of Bugzilla & Jira is a deciding factor. Let’s find out which tool is better in this comparative blog