Cloud Strategy for Companies in a Post-Pandemic World

By Admin on September 27, 2021

Being an early adopter of new technology can often come at a higher cost than it is worth. As a result, businesses all over the world are slow to embrace digital innovation. Many of us were caught off guard by the pandemic, which forced hundreds of millions of workers to seek shelter and essentially move …

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3 Ways Microservices Save you From Drawbacks of Centralized Data

By Admin on June 30, 2021

The microservices approach is made possible in large part by favoring decentralization of software components and data — specifically, by breaking up “monolithic” elements into smaller, easier to change pieces and deploying those pieces on the network. Their goal, in organizational design terms, is to decentralize decision authority. Instead of having a few people make …


3 Cloud Problems That Needs Your Attention

By Satyanarayan Malviya on October 21, 2020

2020 is almost at a close and it would be a safe bet to say that out of all the technologies, Cloud surged the most. Some may believe that they may have figured out the Cloud completely. However, there still are some underlying issues that need to be addressed. Let’s have a look at what …


Effective Scaling Of Applications – Tips and Tricks

By Admin on September 18, 2020

Before jumping into making a plan for scaling your application, ask yourself what attracts your user now more than ever before? No! Not the discounts or free offers. It’s the flawless experience that draws more and more users’ attention that leads to conversion. Rather than playing the “wait and watch” game, now is the right …


Migrating your Legacy Apps to Cloud

By Satyanarayan Malviya on July 30, 2020

Cloud usage has increased by many folds over the past few years. Public clouds have become the goto choice of enterprises for enhanced scalability, disaster recovery, reduced maintenance costs, remote collaboration and flexibility. Moving your enterprise app and infrastructure to the public cloud instead of making it obsolete and declaring it’s EOL is an efficient …