5 Reasons Why Developers Think Headless CMS Is the Best

By Admin on November 8, 2021

Headless CMS has gained popularity among developers, marketers, QA engineers, and even designers. And there is enough buzz in its favor, especially amongst developers, which shows that it is a promising technology. There are other CMS systems in place that seem to be doing well, but headless CMS is a definitive upgrade from them. Headless …


The Top 7 Benefits of Building a Website on Umbraco CMS

By Admin on November 1, 2021

A content management system (CMS) is an essential component of your online experience. As the digital landscape expands to include additional channels and touchpoints, a CMS must provide flexibility, robust content production tools, and efficient workflows to fuel customer journey content. There is an increasing number of solutions available, and this is where Umbraco CMS …


How Headless CMS Helps Build Future-Proof Websites

By Admin on October 25, 2021

The headless CMS space has earned a huge hype in recent years, leading to the excitement around a content management model. A Headless CMS is a back-end-only content management system (CMS) built as a content repository that allows you to create, manage, store, and publish content over APIs. The simple answer to “What is headless …


What Are the Essential Design Elements of a High-Performing WordPress Website?

By Admin on October 6, 2021

Businesses are ruled by customers. For online businesses, the user experience is one of the most crucial factors that determine the success of your company. It is important for your website to drive maximum traffic and have high lead conversions. A well-designed and high-performing website adds credibility to your offerings. Remember that it takes very …


How to select the right WordPress developer?

By Admin on September 29, 2021

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that powers over 40% of the websites globally. More than 500 websites are built using WordPress daily!  The reason is that it offers versatility, thereby allowing users (even non-developers) to create feature-rich ecommerce websites, forums, and corporate websites. WordPress websites are highly customizable, can be easily …


5 Tips to Protect Your WordPress Site Against DDoS Attacks

By Admin on September 8, 2021

We all have been on the internet long enough to know that while it brings the world in our palms, it is also vulnerable to theft and attacks. When your website grows, it also gets vulnerable to security threats like DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting(XSS), password thefts, and more. In this …


9 Steps to Ensure High Speed of WordPress Website

By Admin on August 6, 2021

WordPress powers more than 40% of the web today. WordPress is powered by thousands of different plugins, themes, and technologies and all of these have to coexist. Things can quickly turn into a nightmare for regular WordPress developers here when the website gives them trouble and they can’t identify the problem area.  The speed of …

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What Makes a Great WordPress Plugin?

By Admin on July 23, 2021

There are thousands and thousands of listings in the WordPress Plugin repository, 58,600, to be precise. These plugins offer numerous different functionalities and use cases. But just like any other thing in the world, not all of these plugins are great at what they do. The ratings tell a different story altogether, even some great …


Google Core Web Vitals for your WordPress Website

By Admin on June 30, 2021

All WordPress sites are made different, and they all react differently when exposed to different kinds of stress and scenarios. The speed and performance can be attributed to various factors. Fortunately, there are some guidelines for a robust foundation and optimum performance. These guidelines will also help you improve user experience and search rankings. The …


Top New Plugins of Popular CMS in 2021

By Admin on June 11, 2021

With over 50,000 plugins in a single CMS plugin directory, it can be difficult for business owners like you to find the right plugins from your favorite CMS platform. Plugins greatly enhance your website and there are several thousand plugins available on your chosen CMS platform and third-party websites. Choosing the right plugins is critical …