If you ever wondered how famous celebrities live, Celebhomes is the website not to be missed. This interesting website not only provides visuals of their houses but also gives information like the address, the acreage of the house, the build-year and the number of different kinds of rooms.

When the client approached us, they already had a site designed in WordPress 1.0. But the site was difficult to navigate and the content was not presented in the manner so as to catch visitor’s attention. Google analytics reports showed that the visitors left the website within 5 seconds and our team was quick to point this out & suggested to better organize the content on the website so that people can find the information easily. The client agreed to this suggestion and had us improve the user interface to make people stay on the website for a little longer.

Another challenge was to preserve the search engine rankings for the targeted keywords. Because the website was already indexed by Google, we didn’t want to redo the entire website from scratch with the new URLs and the titles.

We migrated the client’s the then existing website to WordPress 1.5 but with a custom design created by our team. Since Celebhomes is basically about images of famous houses, it was important to focus on a design that provides great visual displays and at the same time keeps visitor’s interest with easy navigation.

Before this redesign and migration could happen, we made sure to perform a site analysis. The site analysis included checking for structure, content, links and traffic. The inbound link analysis was performed to understand the link structure of various pages. This was very important in order to retain client’s old URLs. A redesign that is not carefully done, often leads to steep drop in rankings and traffic from organic sources. This analysis made sure we don’t lose any audience.

Also, the team created various custom post types (as opposed to only using the default post types provided by WordPress), and to be able to manage these post types with the old URLs, the team’s familiarity and understanding of .htaccess came very handy. WordPress’s All-in-One-SEO Pack was used for SEO needs, especially to support on SEO for custom post types by our team. Moreover, Attachments WordPress plugin was used to enable addition of any number of items from the media library to posts, pages and custom post types.

The new unique and custom redesigned website of Celebhomes includes the following features-
The administrator has the flexibility to change the slider images (carousals) and it’s content to keep it eye-catching and interesting.
For each celebrity house, there is an image gallery displaying different areas of the house.
The use of “GB Star rating system” enables the viewers to rate different homes according to their likes and dislikes.
The use of “Share This” WordPress plugin made it possible to choose from plethora of social channels so that Celebhomes viewers can share their interest on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & G+, as well as email them.
All the old audience and traffic/rankings has been retained.

Technology used
-WordPress for the CMS
-Timthumb, a PHP script from Google library was used to create dynamic thumbnails and for editing/resizing/scaling images
-HTML & CSS for redesigning the website

New Celebhomes website is up and running for months now. The website was redesigned with clean and user friendly interface. The site is easy-to-navigate, which lets viewers enjoy their time on the site. The bounce rate is lower than ever before. Website’s rankings have been preserved to keep the old traffic. The team’s work to create custom WordPress site with a unique custom design has helped the client rejuvenate their brand, leaving them highly satisfied.