Get Social get Connected on your iPhone. Meet strangers, Flirt with them make Friends and enjoy.



The Client: team was founded by Anthony Tori and Bryan Roy and enthusiastic youth who where focused for developing such an Application for iPhone users where anyone can text anyone, gift each other and interact each other.

Create a one stop social Platform where people (total strangers) can come along and meet different people, hang out with them, flirt with them, make friends, enjoy and that too all from there iPhone and without compromising their privacy.

Galaxy web links developed the Application and converted the dream into the working app, Developing a secure and bug free Application where any iPhone user can sign up and after filling its profile can join the online community. is full secure social networking iPhone app available on App Store. You can like (on FB) or tweet about it. Simple three step applications- check into venue, make new friends and win.

Check yourself – prepare an eye catching profile, browse the busiest pub, bar type of spots and start gaming.

Check in – Just check in and get the idea or scenario about people in pub, bar or club.

Check out – Check out others, Find your interests and get flirty and make friends.

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Privacy
  2. Real Time data control
  3. Push notification
  4. Check out people in that Arena
  5. Show popular venues according to users current location
  6. Listing all the users in Grid View