DevOps For Enhanced Business Growth

DevOps has been around for a good number of years now. Thanks to the promise of streamlined business and growth operations, it has gained a lot of popularity as well. However, many organizations when faced with numerous implementation challenges, are unable to make a complete transition. 

Everyone needs to up their game to thrive in such a highly competitive business world. DevOps will help you in fulfilling many customer expectations like:

  • Prompt bug fixes 
  • Fast release of new features and functionalities 
  • Responsive feedback system 
  • Storage of customer data and its safekeeping 

So let’s see how you can leverage DevOps to minimize implementation challenges and provide an enhanced user experience. 

Continuous Iteration and Continuous Delivery

The essential rule here is to keep iterating the code numerous times for removing any errors and bugs. CI and CD help you in getting real-time feedback from your website and iterate accordingly. When your program code is entered into a repository, it will be assembled and tested (more on this below) before it goes live. This will create a streamlined CI/CD pipeline, assisting you in numerous ways.

  • Less number of bugs reach your production cycle and QA engineers 
  • Iterative deployments cycles will help in releasing new features quickly
  • You are at a lesser risk of causing high disruption as the changes are done in smaller batches
  • Deployments are automated hence your time, especially in the smaller iteration done

Automated Testing

When customers see the 404 error, they may never return to your website. Automated testing can help you avoid such situations. It works on predefined conditions and removes any new bugs that may hamper your user experience. You will benefit in the following areas: 

  • The system detects errors before they snowball into bigger problems and fix them with minimum human interventions 
  • The right QA tools will decrease the possibility of human errors
  • Your teams can focus on building new test suites and kits 

Cultural Shift

DevOps integrated with Agile methodology will result in a lot of changes within your organization. DevOps is driven by a responsible, responsive, and collaborative approach to change. 

Automation in processes and tools will lead to a learning environment. Developers, designers, and testers should come together to solve issues before it hampers the user experience. There needs to be a balance among organizational, technology, and innovation goals. Developers and QA engineers can collaborate to create products that end-users demand. 


Any misuse of your user’s data can cost you dearly. DevOps helps you build a secure website so that you can collect, process, and secure your customer’s sensitive data like personal information, payment modes, and banking data. All this can be ensured via:

  • Server updates to be automated 
  • SSL/ TLS configurations to be done correctly 
  • Code vulnerabilities especially from a security point of view to be checked regularly 
  • 2-FA for an added level of security
  • Data encryption
  • Source control
  • Restriction on data access 

All the points above are an integral part of DevOps. Its implementation will build a more secure environment for your customers. Given below are a few questions that we encourage our clients to think about before they go in for a complete change. 

  1. Is your current setup ready to handle faster updates and features?
  2. How much transparency and visibility is there throughout your SDLC?
  3. With no new cost, can your current infrastructure generate more revenue?
  4. How receptive is your team for new changes and an everlasting optimization process?
  5. Which processes are you ready to automate right away and the ones in near future?
  6. In the current setup, how are you planning on increasing the stability and performance of your business?
  7. How much financial liberty is available for future expansion plans?

All these questions are pretty intense but so will be the transformation that you wish to take on. Agile and DevOps go hand in hand. If you have any doubts or need to talk to a DevOps expert, contact us here and we will be happy to help you.

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