Farewell: Magento Go & ProStores




Magento Go - Migration

Small or mid-sized online retailers, opted for Magento Go and ProStores, the rich and famous E-commerce platform solutions for many of the following reasons-

  • Store Management

  • Catalog Management & Product Browsing

  • Checkout and Payment processing solutions

  • Site Management

  • Order Management

  • Mobile Commerce features

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Promotional Tools

  • Marketplace Integrations (eBay, Amazon)

February 01, 2015, Magento Go and ProStores will be discontinued as confirmed by their parent company, eBay. The news has indeed brought some disappointment to small/mid-sized web store owners as now they have additional overhead of migrating to another platform. The reasons eBay stated for this big change for many retailers:

  1. Changing market requirements to get much faster mobile-friendly site and for achieving streamlined checkout process.

  2. Magento wants to shift all its focus on larger merchants (the ones making several millions).

The Alternate Options:

  1. BigCommerce

  2. Magento Enterprise Edition

  3. The Third Generation


For the web stores affected by this shutdown, BigCommerce has been chosen as Magento’s official migration partner. Magento’s website offers a ‘Migration Center’ with downloadable guide, checklist, content and links for migrating a ProStores – and Go- based store to BigCommerce. Depending on the size of the web store and the existing customization, this transition can take from a day to a week.


BigCommerce is a choice of many for it’s ease of use and set-up, powerful SEO features and built-in marketing tools:

  • Easy to set the online store

  • Excellent customer support

  • Easily navigable interface

  • International presence

  • Multiple payment options

  • Customizable basic design templates

  • Powerful SEO features

  • Automatic photo gallery creation

  • Automated inventory control

  • Email marketing

  • Product search functionality

  • Point and click design tools

  • Social Media integration

  • In-built marketing tools-

    • SM integration

    • Driving traffic through coupon codes

    • Re-targeting feature after Cart Abandonment

The disadvantage with BigCommerce is that store-owners need more than beginner’s knowledge to set-up their store with required customizations. One of the biggest drawback is that BigCommerce has no direct integration with eBay or Amazon. The online stores migrating to BigCommerce have to use third-party solutions for this, and this is an additional cost.

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE):

For the large retailers who need flexibility in coding (so that they can bring as much customization as possible) and whose sales bring several millions, the Enterprise Edition is the recommended alternative.


  • Custom-site building

    • Manage multiple sites with one single account

    • Cater to different customer segments with tailored presentation/look-and-feel

    • Customized inventory management

    • Customized landing pages with user-friendly customer management system (add videos/images/dynamic content)

    • Custom development/integration/extension support

    • Serve global customers with multiple currencies/tax rates/shipping destinations/native languages

    • Product catalog customization (organizing inventory/product grouping/segmented pricing)
  • Shopping- a personal experience

    • Targeted promotions

    • Product suggestions according to visitor’s previous purchases/search

    • Matching pricing/promotions to a particular segment of customers

    • Narrowing down search results by price/category/color

  • Powerful SEO

    • Create SEO friendly-urls

    • Automatic site-map generation

    • Meta-tags & description customization

  • Brand building

    • Words of loyal customers converted to product reviews on social channels

    • Promoting reviews across social media

  • Rule-based product-relations functionality

    • Displaying more buying options at checkout

    • Creating cross-sells and up-sells

  • Customer segmentation

    • Demographic criteria

    • First time and loyal visitors

    • Shopping cart history

    • Buying cart data

  • Solr search technology

    • Fast and easy product search

    • Better and full control over quality/relevance of search results

  • Simplified and better return management

  • Integration of Rollback/Backup systems

  • Mobile-Commerce

    • Mobile site configurable

    • Responsive design lets visitors enjoy faster mobile site

    • Mobile store fully integrable with online store (and it’s catalog/inventory/reporting/checkout)

    • Drag and drop features for easily adding products to carts

    • Multiple browsers and devices supported owing to HTML5 interface

  • Scalability

    • Ability to add more production servers

    • Large product catalogs/visits/transaction volumes supported

The Third Generation:

The Third Generation solution refers to using Magento’s free version, the Community Edition plus M2E Pro.The Community Edition of Magento is free to download and has interface similar to Magento Go. This makes it an easy choice for retailers who are currently using Magento Go and whose sales exceed $5,00,000 They need to pay only for the porting of their web store’s design to the CE edition. M2E Pro is an eBay endorsed extension that allows web stores to sell on eBay, Amazon, Play and Rakuten.


  • Free of cost

  • Designed for technology savvy web store owners and developers

  • Mobile commerce (multiple browsers/devices supported)

  • Multiple stores management

  • Persistent shopping cart (cart with memory of products customers bought or searched for)

  • Flexible pricing rules

  • International commerce (native languages/currencies)

  • Standard reporting

    • sales

    • best selling products

    • cart abandonment

    • new customers

Magento’s Enterprise edition scores over the Community edition in the depth of the functionalities found common in them:

  • Streamlined and faster checkout flow

  • Rollback/backup possible

  • Easy and enhanced tax calculations

  • Advanced admin roles and logging/site access permissions possible

  • Advanced customer segmentation

  • Private sales possible for customers

  • Availability of gift-wrapping option

  • Easy scalability for web stores with huge traffic volume/large product catalog and high transaction volume

  • Full page caching for quick site loading

Following table serves as an aid for retailers to make the choice between BigCommerce and the Third Generation:

Feature/ Tool

Pro Stores

Magento Go

Big Commerce

The 3rd Generation

Direct eBay Integration


Yes, M2EPro


Yes, M2EPro

Direct Amazon Integration


Yes, M2EPro


Yes, M2EPro

Inventory Management





Order Management





Website Included





Number of extensions / apps available


12 (ish)



Open Source Code?





Courier Integrations Available





Absolute Minimum Cost Per Month

(in USD)

$29.95 + 0.5% commision

$15.00 (min)

$34.95 + 3rd Party Tools

$19.95 hosting

Galaxy’s team can help you at every step of this tough and crucial decision for your e-Commerce store. Do not hesitate to ask a question, ask for an advice, order a quote! A single click and we are there to assist you 24X7.