Fashionista Cafe was facing delays in the planned launch of the site with the existing development team forcing the owner Catherine Baker to look for alternate options. It was at this juncture that our team in NYC met her & discussed her requirements. We realized that the part of the problem came from the use of off the shelf solution with ready made code whereas her site requirements called for a customized solution.

Ms. Baker was worried about the scalability of the website and its ability to handle heavy traffic, considering that she has more than 10 thousand members in her LinkedIn profile and a significant amount of online popularity. We provided her with a major website overhaul, customized content management system, as well as reliable and easy-to-learn administration tools and features. Basically, the ultimate goals were to facilitate and maintain the growth of the site as well as attract more members.

The site’s launch was already delayed by six months due to faulty CMS installations. Ms. Baker’s requirements required customized CMS, thus the situation called for a major site redesign. Galaxy Web Links started the process by pinpointing the needs of the client and this was done through interacting with Catherine Baker, founder of Fashionista Cafe, through personal meetings and conversations through chat and phone. After a series of communication with the client, Galaxy Weblinks then continued with the following processes:

Wireframes were created as part of the redesign phase. Through various experimentations with the site’s blueprints, we were able to determine which site features will prove useful to the client. Our graphic design team also toiled to provide the site with a look that will maximize its aesthetic potential.

We employed an open-source, PHP-based framework called CodeIgniter. After finishing the development and quality assurance tests, we were able to present to Ms. Baker a more improved Fashionista Cafe in time for the rescheduled site launch. The website, by the time of its launch, paraded features that grant easy management and administration on the client’s end. Through out the development phase, we used project management & communication tool to track and monitor the tasks between coders, designers, project manager, testers & the client.

After the site’s inauguration, Galaxy Weblinks continued to provide the client with maintenance and support services. Our support team always keeps client updated with technology tools and site features that are deemed beneficial to its growth.

Galaxy Weblinks added several features to the website to keep up with the client’s initial goal to increase site value and membership.

Site’s Features
Profile builder
Jobs board
Trend articles
Coaching offers
Products finder
Sharing, rating & commenting
Featured member, products, articles
Secure administration control panel
Banner management system

After re-launching, client has received numerous positive feedbacks on the site’s aesthetic properties, ease of navigation, and new helpful features and tools. The combination of colors plus the minimalistic effect made more pleasing to the eye. Users also praised the website’s direct repositioning of its main categories (Fashion, Interior Design, Graphics, Photography, Beauty, and Luxury) to its homepage. A steady increase in traffic was also achieved.