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Understanding cost breakdown of an app via IKEA
A smartphone without apps and a home without furniture are of no use for the people living in it. Although living in a smartphone is…
Your cheat sheet to delivering a robust and crash-free app
You’re working happily on your app and all is well, then suddenly – POOF! – it crashes. Aaargh!! Apparently ‘Crashes decrease with new session the…
Why Cost-Cutting fails as a strategy?
There is constant pressure on businesses to improve margins through cost-cutting. Most of them find opportunities by identifying areas that can receive a 10% trim…
Retainer Pricing Model: A double-edged sword for agencies
According to a study done by pricing experts at McKinsey and Company, 1% price improvement results in an 11.1% increase in profits. This can make…
Aaditya Mandloi-
December 18, 2019
What are Design Systems and why do we vouch for one?
Design System is one of the most excessively used design terms in the software industry right now, so much so that it has given birth…
Aaditya Mandloi-
December 5, 2019
Galaxy Weblinks featured by Clutch in Top 1000 B2B firms 2019
Here at Galaxy Weblinks, we believe that top notch web development and mobile apps are required to fuel successful companies and amazing digital strategy. We…
Aaditya Mandloi-
December 4, 2019