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iOS 13 design | What’s changed and what remains?
Ever wondered why Apple allows only selected employees in its Industrial Design Studio? Surprisingly, it’s a part of their design concept and not a security…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 19, 2019
5 mistakes to avoid while designing tooltips
Tooltip is a great UI pattern for user onboarding and feature discovery. But there is a thin line between useful and annoying tooltips. This post…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 13, 2019
Unboxing popular PWAs | Techniques used and impact
What is common between Pinterest, Tinder, Uber, Trivago, and Airbnb? All these companies experienced a surge in their product’s performance, user-engagement, and conversions by going…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 10, 2019
Kotlin 1.3.50 | More than just a performance upgrade
Kotlin has emerged as both substitute and supplement to C++ and Java. In 2018, the language had over 96,000 repositories on GitHub and had already…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 4, 2019
Galaxy Weblinks Ranked Among Best Web Developers on Clutch
When you think of hotspots for tech, don’t zero in on Silicon Valley just yet. According to Expert Market, Boston is one of the top…
Product tour lessons from Disneyland | What keeps you asking for more?
The experience of Disneyland is always an awe-inspiring one. No matter how many miles you have walked, you are always up for another Pirates of…