Galaxy contributes to good karma




Corporate Social Responsibility- a term that most people associate with big corporations or a public relations activity with big budgets such as Coca Cola’s ‘Anti-obesity drive’ or Anheuser-Busch’s ‘drink responsibly’ campaign. On the contrary social responsibility can also come from people in an organization coming forward together in a collective way to bring about CSR – collective social responsibility.

Born out of a similar shared belief, Galaxy employees came together towards a social initiative called Sanjeevani– named after a rare herb that contains power to heal anyone. Sanjeevani is an initiative to help ‘real’ people in ‘real’ need; to proliferate positive energy and good karma into the society.

The motto “It is in giving that you get entitled to receive.The more you give, the better are your chances of prosperity” supports the belief that social responsibility is a collective responsibility. Sanjeevani aims to provide relief worth $20,000 in cash and/or kind within the next two years.

Inspired from Tom’s One for One program, the management came forward to donate in equal amount what was raised out of employee contribution in the donation box– increasing the overall momentum.

The initiative, still in its nascent stage, was able to collect about $1600 (INR 1,09,000) to fund various activities at a hospital and orphanages. Proceeds went into buying medication, conduct medical tests (for people who could otherwise not afford treatment), groceries, teaching fees and household items.

Apart from the monetary donations, Sanjeevani was able to gather old clothes, rugs and winter wear via a ‘donation drive’ involving friends and family too. Furthermore, the contribution extended to donating new clothes/trousseaus as gifts for a family who could not afford some for their daughter.

Today, sanjeevani has grown beyond Galaxy spreading its positive energy to friends and family. We hope that the incremental growth in donations keeps coming in, and look forward to earning all the ‘good karma’.