In our first post, I had mentioned about how Galaxy Web Links Ltd has been involved in helping businesses in facilitating their successes on the web. Over the last 10 years, we have heavily contributed in turning quite a few “mere business entities” into “Consistent Profit Centers”. We have done this primarily through three ways:
  1. By providing Customized Web Solutions.
  2. By providing tailor-made Industry Specific specialized applications. And
  3. By creating Portals, Vortals and numerous other such platforms for industry experts and tyros to interact.
Speaking about Point #2 above, our latest contribution to the specialty servicing industry is Booking Engine. It is by far the most flexible Web Calendar Utility I have ever came across. It’s very easy to use, has a very interactive User Interface and can easily be integrated with your business’s website. Booking Engine is filled with Power Packed Features. A few of them follow:
  • Fully customized administrator control panel to manage appointments and clients.
  • Manage the services you are offering; for example – nails, hair, eyes etc.
  • Use your choice of colors to identify separate calendars.
  • Easy Online Service booking by your customers.
  • Email Notifications and alerts.
  • Share your calendar with employees.
  • Export calendars to Outlook.
  • Book any day, any time.
  • Use Multiple Calendars.
  • Book through your cell phone (by text message).
  • Time allotment to each service type.
  • Online credit card processing.

But Why not XYZ Calendar?


Booking Engine - Screenshot

Booking Engine - Screenshot


At this point, you might start wondering if we’re offering something which is fairly available in abundance on the web? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, because you will find thousands of web-based calendars providing various basic functionality like booking an appointment, or scheduling your week’s activities et al. And No, because what we are offering is something which is one level above the ‘basic’ – We’re offering you an ‘advanced‘ PIM.
Getting back to the title of this post, the USP of Booking Engine is that it has been designed to facilitate Particular Businesses, and not general businesses. We’re promoting Booking Engine not as a tool, but as a Utility for your business. Be it a medical clinic, Salon, Spa or Beauty Parlor, vocation/hobby classes, educational institutes or anything else; Booking Engine is well equipped to accommodate itself in your niche business.
Till now, Booking Engine has facilitated various industry verticals like medical industry, cosmetic industry and vocational training institutes – to name a few. We continue to extend our support to various other industries and we are committed to providing the best Services and Maintenance support for our Product. A few encouraging words from our clients can be read here.

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