Functionality 2 (1)

A gradual spurt in usage of handheld devices has been witnessed in accessing internet in recent times. The spotlight is now all on creating Mobile User Experience worth an awe.

Mobile experience, comprises of perception and feelings that a user has before, during and after interaction with online platform. Getting a delightful user experience on mobile has compelled developers to be thorough during planning, development, delivery and nonetheless in performance to achieve this objective.

There exists few important considerations as well as concerns, when it comes to creating a awesome mobile user experience. Considerations include the information architecture, functionality, design, user input, content and social media presence while concerns lay in wide range of screen size, device features and connectivity.

At Galaxy Weblinks, we identify key elements in designing and developing solutions for handheld devices with user centered approach. We follow a set of predefined practices, which revolves around:

Information Architecture

An information architecture is like the soul of mobile user experience, comprising logical structure to help find information/ content/ details. These include navigation, search and labeling.

Our developers typically identify first the most important content and functionality aspects to be included and then develop navigation optimized for mobile. Aiming at least number of taps helps users reach faster to desired landing page within lesser time and less bandwidth.

While working on responsive website, the focus lies on addressing needs of both touchscreen and non-touchscreen users.

The navigation pattern for responsive websites is planned accordingly which showcases vertical navigation for smart phones and horizontal for desktop websites.


Functionality refers to the features and tools which enables users to accomplish the desired action.

Before we get on with development of online platform, our planning ensures prioritization and customization according to the nature of business. For instance, while planning for an ecommerce website, discounts, range of products is given special relevance closely followed by option to shop online, customer support, company policy and the like.

Specific mobile only functionality is equally important. For instance, pay back for downloading app, barcode scanning and image recognition works like a trick to attract, engage and retain customers. Our planning mechanism ensures that such features gets incorporated.

The functionality and the content must be optimized in every possible way. One of our client app Haute Dining is worth a mention here, it shows fine dining options close by, based on current mobile location. Such functionalities enhances the mobile user experience and utility.

At the secondary level, when a user signs up a personalized settings must be visible across all platforms.


Design is all about the visual presentation, it includes the graphic design and layout of the online platform.

Our design parameters tops the idea of ease in conveying information and maintaining visual consistency through use of colour and typography. It goes without saying that design itself should reflect the brand even if the brand name is not visible.

User Input

It is the user data required while navigating online platform. The essence of creating outstanding mobile user experience also comprise of the user data required to be entered. It should be least on mobile devices.

For example, if user intend to search something, the app/responsive website should give an option of default option/ most frequently searched/ last searched item.

Seeking user details through forms requires input using both hands, this can turn away user for a while or avoid such options to be explored in future, on mobile devices.


It is an appropriate mix of material in different formats like text and images which makes up the website/app.

In view of the shorter attention span, the instructions or paragraphs should not be long. Splitting long paragraphs into smaller ones or making bulleted points goes better for smaller screens. Further, creating and presenting a mix of multimedia content, photos and text makes it user friendly.

Social Media presence

Business promotion, branding or marketing whatever you name, social networking has become just like an ace in pack of cards. Any online platform creation without being backed by social media marketing is incomplete.

Our comprehensive approach accomplishes such objectives affirmatively. We work to ensure that following aspects are well covered:

-Adding business details, creating profiles on Google Places, Bing Business Portal as well as Yahoo Local so that contact details, operation hours gets reflected on search.

-Aligning social media channel links to connect users with it and like them effortlessly.

-Ideating and promoting offers which encourages users to be on company’s profile, associate with it, like it and share it.


The Mobile User Experience at its nascent stage is evolving continuously and showcasing innovative trends. For bagging the best deal, focusing on market research and then deciding upon the features and tech vendors can help shoot your business tremendously, meeting objectives effectively.