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29 Jul 2021

Flutter Global Summit ’21 – Highlights and Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from Flutter Global Summit 21 that was organized last week. The event covered highlights on state management, animation, debugging, etc.

16 Jul 2021

Our Top 5 Picks for Mobile App Development in 2021

We are back again with the Galaxy's top picks series. This time we've covered top 5 tools of our choice in mobile app development for 2021.

05 Jul 2021

Mobile Navigation on Large Website – Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Discover some of the best tips, tricks, and practices that will help you improve your mobile experience of large website.

08 Jun 2021

Apple WWDC 7 June 2021 Keynote Highlights

Apple just made their ecosystem better and more secure. Here's a look at the Apple WWDC 7th June event highlights.

28 May 2021

4 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

You've got a million $ app idea. What to do next? Here are the four things that you should know before going into development.

11 May 2021

Mobile App vs Mobile Site: Which One Is Good For Business?

It’s a good read to understand when a mobile website and a mobile app should be the first step in your mobile marketing strategy.

06 May 2021

8 Prerequisites to Ensure Before Launching a Mobile Application

Your app could be the best in the world, but the pre-launch activities are crucial for its success. Here's how to ensure that it's a success.

03 May 2021

AirTag | New addition to Apple’s Ecosystem

AirTag from Apple is here. Read our blog to know what all the hype is about, what features does it have and how it works?

27 Apr 2021

5 challenges in Web Application Development

Web app development can be a challenging undertaking. Here are 5 common challenges in web app development and how to deal with them.

26 Apr 2021

7 Signs Your Business Need a Mobile App And How To Build One

Mobile apps are a necessity now but it's a costly undertaking. Here's how to tell if your business needs one and how to build one as well.