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08 Jun 2021

Apple WWDC 7 June 2021 Keynote Highlights

Apple just made their ecosystem better and more secure. Here's a look at the Apple WWDC 7th June event highlights.

15 Mar 2021

Swift 5.4 | New Features and Updates

With Apple's new OS updates around the corner, here' everything you need to know about the latest Swift 5.4 update.

04 Sep 2020

Top iOS 14 features you MUST know!

iOS 14 beta has come up with major overhauls to the home screen and Siri. Other changes are also appealing and worth waiting.

19 Sep 2019

iOS 13 design | What’s changed and what remains?

Apple showcased new design changes in iOS 13 from cool new dark mode to new presentation style. Read for more updates.

20 Jun 2019

All there’s to know about the new Swift UI 5.1 update

Swift UI 5.1 update was an important yet overlooked announcement made at Apple WWDC 2019.