Products that bring out the chef in you!
BonNosh has created several new patent-pending products that can make anyone look like a profession a cake decorator! As portrayed on the Hallmark channel (video below,) The OodleTip is innovative, simple to use, and will likely prove very popular with anyone who cooks.

Brenda Grimes realized she needed to upgrade her simple one-page site as the time for product release approached. She found us via Google (proving both our talent and our SEO abilities nicely) and explained that she needed e-commerce and a new, updated look whilst retaining her branding and logo.

Project Overview
In Brenda’s case, we suggested a modern, slick site with simple navigation for users. She informed us that she wanted her users to be able to input and share recipes, view photos and “How to Oodle” videos, and of course discuss the use of both OodleTip and Little OodleDoodle (for kids.)

Objective: site redesign + new features
Brenda’s original site was just a single page: it badly needed an overhaul to display and sell her new products with the style and usability they deserve, as well as making the site mobile-friendly.
We needed to add an e-commerce section (scalable for later product addition).
We discussed the UI and how users would interact with it to register an account: enabling them to input content, interact with the new forums, and track all their actions.

Brenda wanted to ensure the entire site would reflect her original brand colors, and that navigation would be simple no matter if the user was at home or on the road.
Brenda had a list of features she needed, and through discussion, we were able to suggest functionality that would enhance those features:

  1. Large Rotator with one slide per feature
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Photo Gallery
  4. Recipe section where users can both search and enter their own
  5. Selection of “How to” videos
  6. a new forum for discussion
  7. a customer database for newsletters, customer information, and stats

Methodology & Implementation Prior to design/coding

Bonnosh Wireframe DesignWe discussed Brenda’s needs, then provided several wireframes of proposed site appearances: we had researched similar sites, of course, and SEO rankings for those sites.

We went over her current color scheme and advised her on how to improve it for users to better use the site.

Finally we determined a time frame for delivery:
2 weeks for design
4 weeks for coding/integration
1 week for QA (testing)




During design
There is always a continuous communication stream on our projects. We would contact Brenda and have her look at a new feature and provide feedback: we used the company’s own feedback system.

We used Magento (open source e-commerce built on Php Zend framework.) We were able to use a lot of the existing code, saving both time and budget. We did create a custom design, as Brenda had her own branding.

Other custom modules we built, after suggesting how to best design and create the UI for a better customer experience:

  1. Custom CMS module
  2. Custom forum module
  3. Custom blog module
  4. Photo uploading & sharing
  5. Add Recipe

At completion
Once the site was complete, we ran it through our rigorous QA procedures. Our QA engineers are never happier than when they succeed in breaking something! (Who else would input 2000 “Ingredient Lines?” Or paste 10,000 words into ONE line? No, it didn’t break!)

Shortly, we should have some actual User Feedback to report.

For BonNosh, we provide continued maintenance and ongoing support.

Here is the ultimate result, delivered precisely on schedule:

Food-Filling & Cake Decorating Bags

Below is the video from Hallmark Channel, April 15th, 2013. Enjoy!

Client Testimonial
From Brenda Grimes:
“We are very pleased with our Galaxy Weblinks relationship.  So much so that we continually increase the services to be provided from them.  They now provide our monthly routine site maintenance.  They have built a beautiful site which was complex in that it is a visitor-interactive site.  Communication is great and all expectations were met.  Timeline was extended, but due to my inability to perform review tasks when ready. I am very pleased with Galaxy Weblinks and plan on using their SEO services and website translation services.”