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Dec 18, 2019

Retainer Pricing Model: A double-edged sword for agencies

According to a study done by pricing experts at McKinsey and Company, 1% price improvement results in an 11.1% increase in profits. This can make…

Management Product Development
Dec 16, 2019

Gutenberg vs Page builders | Settling an year long debate

The appeal of WordPress is simplicity. The debate on Gutenberg and Page builders is much more than functionalities. It’s more about ease of use. In…

Web Design Website Development
Dec 10, 2019

Making web more inclusive with Manual Accessibility Testing

People don’t want to miss out on the digital era. And accessibility testing is how we make sure that smart devices and computers are accessible…

Web Design Website Development
Dec 05, 2019

What are Design Systems and why do we vouch for one?

Design System is one of the most excessively used design terms in the software industry right now, so much so that it has given birth…

Design Design Process UX
Dec 04, 2019

Galaxy Weblinks featured by Clutch in Top 1000 B2B firms 2019

Here at Galaxy Weblinks, we believe that top notch web development and mobile apps are required to fuel successful companies and amazing digital strategy. We…

Company News
Nov 27, 2019

6 factors to consider before choosing your e-commerce platform

Setting up a shop online? Well it’s easier than setting one up made of bricks and mortar. But it doesn’t mean that E-commerce is easy.…

Ecommerce Website Development
Nov 25, 2019

The right and the only way of outsourcing Software Testing and QA

When you’re looking to outsource, you probably spend a lot of the project’s time in finding that “right partner”. What if we tell you that…

QA Testing
Nov 21, 2019

Vue or React | Which Javascript framework should you choose?

The pursuit for finding the perfect “javascript framework” can seem like a wild goose chase. But it never is. There are one too many frameworks…

Frontend Website Development
Nov 15, 2019

Bugzilla vs Jira | Who is the king of Bug tracking in Agile?

Agile methodology promotes an ongoing iteration of development and testing processes throughout a project’s SDLC. Here, the development and testing activities are performed concurrently, unlike…

Agile DevOps
Nov 07, 2019

The ultimate best practices guide to a robust mobile application

No software is perfect, just like humans. But the pursuit of perfection is not futile. If you look around the web you’ll find thousands, maybe…

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