8 essential tools your startup will need in 2020
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7 actionable tips for being a great programmer
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Aaditya Mandloi-
September 27, 2019
Why it’s a bad idea to ignore older adults from your app demographics
Modern technology has two problems: Devices have too many integrated features and everything is smaller. A good implementation of more-than-what’s-necessary features can give some users…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 23, 2019
iOS 13 design | What’s changed and what remains?
Ever wondered why Apple allows only selected employees in its Industrial Design Studio? Surprisingly, it’s a part of their design concept and not a security…
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September 19, 2019
5 mistakes to avoid while designing tooltips
Tooltip is a great UI pattern for user onboarding and feature discovery. But there is a thin line between useful and annoying tooltips. This post…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 13, 2019
Unboxing popular PWAs | Techniques used and impact
What is common between Pinterest, Tinder, Uber, Trivago, and Airbnb? All these companies experienced a surge in their product’s performance, user-engagement, and conversions by going…
Aaditya Mandloi-
September 10, 2019