How focus group can help content marketing
A focus group session with your consumers provides opportunity to analyze how well is your product doing in the market. These sessions maybe a little…
August 18, 2011
What small businesses need to know about keywords and SEO?
Being a small scale business, defining you SEO goals could be difficult because you have a lot of competitors, low budget and a small manpower…
August 4, 2011
Google Analytics Report
Compared to last year sampling months November 2009 to February 2010 to February 2011, page visits have dropped by 0.4. Also bounce rate and average…
July 8, 2011
Marketing e-commerce funnel
Most ecommerce company’s face the problem of remarketing their products, once the novelty dies down continuously marketing the products requires a lot of effort with…
Tips for Twitter Marketing
Entering the world internet marketing, conquering the micro-blogging platform is a must. Twitter today is one of the most important platforms to create opinion, influence…
July 4, 2011
Advertising on Facebook
In this realm of social media, advertising and marketing have sought refuge under Facebook. Advertising and marketing geeks which until some time back shunned social…
June 30, 2011