Is WordPress 5.0 headed the Craft CMS way with Gutenberg?
When you look at the respective market share of both the CMSs, WordPress has a clear edge over Craft CMS with 81.9% market share to a…
Evnisha Malani-
December 12, 2018
Angular 7 upgrade | What will you miss if you ignore?
Angular 6, released earlier in May 2018 didn’t offer much improvements on the performance part. It was mainly focused on making Angular migration-friendly. Google dropped…
Evnisha Malani-
December 4, 2018
Developing Custom Softwares, the Agile Way
The dynamic business environment with rapid technological changes have resulted in subsequent changes in customer requirements. They now look forward to options which have an…
Craft & its Plugins | A transforming workflow
We like to think of Craft CMS as a Transformer (one with BumbleBee as his friend) and plugins as its Jet Pack. And every time…
Evnisha Malani-
October 5, 2018
How we use Zeplin for an Agile workflow
Earlier when our designers completed the wireframe of a project, they worried about the design handoff and the tedious specification work that came with it.…
Drupal 8.6 update. What’s new?
Keeping up with the promises made during earlier announcements, Drupal released the 8.6 version on September 5. The update comes with significant additions. Drupal 8.6…
Evnisha Malani-
September 7, 2018