Prisma Printing was looking for a completely customized online printing solution where users could select the type of sign they wanted, upload designs and images to create exactly what they wanted, and order it to be printed and shipped.

About Prisma Banners

Prisma Printing advertises themselves as “The web’s local print house”. Their goal is to bring traditional print-house offerings online to streamline the design process and offer exceptional quality at a lower price.

The Challenge

Building the item ordering system had a lot of moving parts that had to work flawlessly together. We had to create a user account portal so customers could create and save their designs, place orders, and track printing progress.

We also needed a database that stored all the item types Prisma created (banners, posters, signs, etc.) and every size and customizable option.

Users had to be able to customize the banner, which meant uploading and editing images, displaying mockups of the result, and letting both customers and employees follow every step of the process to guarantee the client got what they wanted.

Prisma Banners was already using a front-end, and part of the challenge was building the back-end to work with the existing site format.

The Solution

There was no out-of-the-box solution, so we build everything from scratch. This included:

  • Custom database with product types and sizes, user account details including saved projects, order history, and order status
  • Web interface for users to upload images and customize the look of their designs
  • A live chat system for users to get immediate help from product experts at Prisma Banners
  • A quoting system where users could input requirements and generate an instant quote
  • A set of installation guides to help designers create the exact designs they wanted
  • Prisma Cash rewards program to get cash back on every purchase to the loyal users

The Result

User feedback for the online design interface has been very positive. Frequent comments include praise for the system’s intuitiveness, reliability, and speed (it doesn’t hurt that Prisma Banners delivers exceptional quality prints!).



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