Background is an online wine portal that integrates expert opinions and ecommerce by providing a platform for wine stores, wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and wine drinkers to interact. Huafeng Xu, founder of, was looking for creating a better design for the site while at the same time improving user interface and experience. He got in touch with the CTO of our company in NYC and set up a personal meetings to get the ball rolling.

Given Prycer’s objective of addressing the needs of wine drinkers and store owners, it was crucial to create an interface and design that users will find easy to understand and use. Mr. Xu was knowledgeable in coding and wanted Galaxy Web Links’ web development team to create an ambiance fit for Prycer’s target audience. The goal was to develop the website to optimize user activity without sacrificing aesthetics.

We set up an initial face-to-face meeting with Mr. Xu to brainstorm’s layout and design ideas. We discussed how his business model and Galaxy Web Links’ web development approach can successfully yield a website with a professional feel yet engaging interface.

The following are the key elements of the process we went through in developing

  1. Face-to-face consultations and brainstorming sessions with the client
  2. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) optimization
  3. Round-the-clock and timely turnaround of HTML/CSS files

Mr. Xu appreciated the personal consultations we conducted to better understand his objectives and needs of the project. While other developers would opt to conduct business remotely, we agreed to personal consultations for a better client experience. After consultations, Galaxy Web Links decided to infuse color into’s design using a burgundy shade reminiscent of the website’s theme, which is wine.

To give the website an enhanced user interface and experience, wireframes were set up along with HTML conversion, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript. The client was impressed by the quick response time for his HTML/CSS files. We sent Mr. Xu page wireframes and once he has sent feedback and approval, our design team added colors to the prototype for our web development team to work immediately on the HTML and CSS files. Being a coder himself, Mr Xu was able to implement the designs and inject his personalized script in time for roll out.

The resulting website design and layout includes the following features:

  1. Simple three-step guide for users to purchase wine products by setting their own price for the wine.
  2. Whiteboard section where wine drinkers can post questions about wines and receive suggestions from wine enthusiasts and sommeliers
  3. Search functionality that enables wine drinkers to search wine products and suggestions on the website, with search results geographically customized for the user
  4. “Most Wanted” feature on the homepage to help wine merchants see the most-looked for wine products
  5. Price-setting function for both wine drinkers looking to buy and wine stores selling deals or store coupons

With the expertise of Galaxy Web Links, Mr. Xu was able to launch as a well-designed website with easy-to-navigate features and highly interactive interface. The website’s users and members can pursue their Dionysian interests without hassle, finding the best and appropriate wine products with the help of experts, and at the right prices – an achievement of founder’s goal.