When you decide to engage a web design agency, you are not only putting a project, but your business at stake. You can not randomly entrust the next available agency. It’s better to have your doubts resolved and avoid all possible ambiguities.

You need to interview your agency extensively before choosing. As this association will be long-term and will impact your business and productivity, here is an exhaustive list of questions that will give you a clear insight.

The more you ask, the more you know. We have compiled commonly asked questions by our clients at Galaxy – 

  1. How will you plan the website in accordance with my business goals?
  2. What do you expect from us throughout the project?
  3. Do you handle all design & development work in-house?
  4. What challenges do you anticipate with this project?
  5. Do you do market research before designing the website?
  6. How big is your team? How long have they been working together?
  7. How long have you been in the business and deploying this technology?
  8. Who owns the agency and is it financially stable? (just to ensure they would have any problem while our project is ongoing )
  9. What type of clients have you worked with?
  10. Can you provide references?
  11. Will you provide a dedicated project manager who will be managing this project?
  12. Which of your team members will be working on my project and what are their qualifications?
  13. Can you show me similar sites that you’ve deployed?
  14. Can you build the site responsive (so it will work on mobile devices and tablets)?
  15. Would the content management system (CMS) used be proprietary or open source?
  16. How do you base your pricing? Will it be hourly, or a flat-fee based on the project?
  17. How frequently do your projects go over budget? How do you handle these kind of situations?
  18. What is your payment policy?
  19. What measure do you take to ensure security for the websites you develop?
  20. Is there a clear procedure for billing for extra features or work outside the project’s initial scope?
  21. What is your estimated timeline to build this site?
  22. What is your methodology for website planning and execution? Why is it right for my project?
  23. Can you talk me through your design process?
  24. What will be the process if I don’t like the initial design?
  25. Do I get access to all my design source files for internal use?
  26. How often do you send the updates? What is the communication process?
  27. How many revisions would you be willing to make during the design process?
  28. Do you offer free support for a certain period after the completion of the website? If yes, for how long?
  29. Are website designs generated from template layouts (available to choose from) or are they custom built from scratch?
  30. Will the site be supported by older browsers or systems?
  31. Do you provide domain name and web hosting in your packages? If so, what is the annual renewal cost for the name and web hosting space?
  32. What kind of testing and quality control checks do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?
  33. Do I get access to all my design source files for internal use?
  34. Do you offer conversion and usability testing?
  35. Will the designer be available after the project if I need revisions or changes? What would be its cost?
  36. What happens if the site breaks, is hacked, or malfunctions? What prevention process do you usually have in place?
  37. What if I make any changes and it gets messed up, how much would you charge to fix it?
  38. Does the agency provide any guides or training to operate the website by your own?
  39. Will you assist me in marketing my site?

In our next blog, we will disclose what kind of answers should you look out for & what kind of follow up questions to ask. If you think of someone who can use this list, please feel free to share this with them.