hotel Le Reve

Existence of a business is simply impossible in today’s tremendously competitive business world, especially if it is not promoted well for its services. Promotion of a business is as significant as establishing it from its very roots. This hence makes it extremely essential to create a well planned business strategy that will draw attention of users towards the newly launched business. However, things become a lot easier in the travel and tourism business as the promotion is usually restricted to a particular tourism location, having a small competition. Well, this was not quite as easy for us at Hotel Le Reve.
Located in the beautiful outskirts of Mexico, Hotel Le Reve is a luxurious Caribbean holidaying resort stretching across the Southern Coast, from Cancun to Tulum. The hotel, although included amongst the top hotels in the island for its exquisite architecture and services, it lacked recognition amongst the millions of tourists visiting the island every year.

This hence pushed us to planning some basic local promotion campaigns in the country which were followed by a series of online campaigns. The online campaign commenced with a beautifully designed website that provided all the needed information about the hotel. This, somehow boosted the hotel’s fame, but was surely not enough to help us meet with our expectations from it. As a result, we then planned a simple and suitable SEO strategy that would boost our online presence and hence inform more tourists about the sensuous island and our beautiful hotel. We included a few high scoring keywords, certain On-page and Off-page strategies for achieving our business goals which are mentioned below.

Keywords selection:
The success of your SEO strategy greatly depends on the keywords you select for the promotion of your business. Selecting the best keywords for the promotion of our hotel was not at all difficult, especially as our business is restricted to a small location. However, after a proper research of all the keywords, we selected three main keywords: Hotels in Riviera Maya, best hotels Playa del Carmen and luxury hotels Riviera Maya, each with an initial rank above 100. Best hotels Playa del Carmen has the highest competition at 3280000, while Hotels in Riviera Maya and luxury hotels Riviera Maya were easy to manage with their low competition of 1010000 and 457000, respectively.

On page strategies:
Well, now that the keywords for the promotion were selected, we listed down a simple On-page strategy for better traffic and ranking. We began the promotion with an initial website checking. We checked the titles, quality of the website content, keywords density, Meta tags, URLs, linking structure and the images added in the website. Once everything was properly checked and rectified based on the SEO strategy, we then focused on getting these webpages indexed by the topmost search engines. However, with the changes made in the website content, linking structure, etc. indexing the pages became an extremely easy task. The result obtained from these basic on-site strategies was simply mind-blowing. The Hotel le Reve website experienced an instant jump in its traffic, along with its ranking which now hovered around the 70s line.

Off page strategies:
The on-site SEO strategies had already proved their worth, but being listed on the 6th and the 7th page was not enough to attract the eyes of travelers looking forward to some of the best hotels in Playa del Carmen. Hence, we commenced with the next phase, the off page SEO strategies. We started our off page strategies with a well planned link building procedure and made use of directory submissions, manual and semi-automated submissions. Along with this, we also began with blog commenting, article submissions, classified submissions, social bookmarking, press release submissions and RSS Feed submissions. The classified submissions helped us target the local market along with the international tourism market.
Each of these on and off page strategies were followed regularly in the starting few months and were later slowed down to 2 or 3 submissions in a week. By this time, the website had achieved a better ranking for its keywords. Finally, we decreased the submission frequency further to just 1 article submission in a week and in return received a gratifying outcome of our SEO strategy.

Our website,, today enjoys the 8th rank, for two of our keywords: best hotels Playa del Carmen and luxury hotels Riviera Maya, and ranks 11th for the hotels in Riviera Maya keyword. This optimized result has a great impact on the website. The commendable ranks divert greater traffic to our site, hence helping us achieve the goal of our promotion strategy successfully.
Here you can see the changes we made in ranking within ten week time period.

Targeted keywords Rank When we started Week-5 Week-12
Luxury hotels Riviera Maya >150 14 5
Boutique hotels Riviera Maya >150 10 3
Hotels in Riviera Maya >150 12 9
Best hotels Playa del Carmen >150 18 4
Luxury hotels Playa del Carmen >150 12 10
Boutique hotels Playa del Carmen >150 16 10
Weddings in the Riviera Maya >150 20 16
Hotels in Playa del Carmen >150 79 24
Honeymoons in Playa del Carmen >150 84 32