We value the importance of a good education and strongly believe that equipping today’s students with an in depth understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is vital for a brighter tomorrow. That is why we are incredibly excited to assist with one of the leaders in educational innovation.

STEM Certificate program home page

STEM Certificate program

STEM Certificate is an organization that provides high quality professional services to educators who mentor students in the STEM disciplines. They accomplish this by providing educators with innovative strategies and resources to design project-based curricula, as well as methods to integrate product development software in the curriculum for a more advanced and captivating educational experience. They also provide educators with online learning platforms that foster collaboration and networking with other STEM education professionals.

A website was needed that could accomplish these amazing tasks and we were contacted to take on the challenge.

With their needs in mind, we knew what was necessary to create a beautiful, eye-catching platform that was fully functional and easy to navigate. We made sure to create vibrant web pages that would be fast, secure, and user friendly while ensuring the processes required to do this would not exhaust their company’s system resources.

STEM Certificate’s program development environment is based on the three key concepts of explore, create, and share. The custom content management system we created helped ensure that their users would be able to accomplish just that. We also installed an authorship toolkit that offers detailed explanations for educators on how to create innovative curriculum projects. It also allows anyone to upload content in various forms like video, documents, or spreadsheets to share with other users in a fast and easy manner.

Our intuitive design provides a perfect platform for educators to:

•       Create a portfolio with their photos, qualifications, subject details, and grade level

•       Discover resources like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and model designs

•       Produce their own curriculum and upload their projects to share with others

•       Engage with community members to ask and answer questions

Their company supports online training, technology integration into course work, and collaborative learning. We created their website as an environment to foster this activity for a wonderful user experience.

Feedback from the client
“Galaxy Weblinks provides high-quality web design services that affords customers: custom solutions, affordable rates, and excellent customer support. With their large team, project management tools, and quick development pace I recommend this company to anyone who is looking to kick start an online learning solution or optimize their businesses processes with online tools that are user-friendly and supported with robust data management. Thanks everyone, you did a great job!
Best, STEM Certificate Team

We at Galaxy Weblinks wish STEM Certificates the best of luck in their future as they improve the world one educator at a time.