“For every one billion particles of antimatter there were one billion and one particles of matter. And when the mutual annihilation was complete, one billionth remained – and that’s our present universe.” – Albert Einstein.

And yet, we are not just living in it, but we are also filling it with our colors, understanding it with our sciences and polluting it with our resources. In another school of thought, this small insignificant universe has still let us achieve so much through experimentation, innovation and introspection. Every bit of effort that we put in some work, has had an important significance on the eventual resultant of that work- even if it takes centuries for it to show up.And with this thought – that no effort is wasted if you put your soul in it – Galaxy Web Linkswas started in 1998. The name takes an obvious reference from the millions of galaxies out there in the universe which have been expanding ever since the Big Bang. And if the past decade has anything to go by, the big bang has definitely proved true for our Galaxy too. Nothing – absolutely nothing has been beyond our scope. Right from providing customized web solutions to businesses of any quantum, to creating the best portals for numerous industry specific domains and to setting benchmarks for providing state-of-the-art customer support – we have done it all, and we’re still exceeding our own expectations and standards as the years go by.Our portfolio is as diversified as an ecological system. While we have been serving various industry verticals like chemical industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, web-tools industry, Herbal industry, Travel and Tourism Industry, Financial and Real Estate Industries, we have also been helping businesses expand their scope and facilitate their successes on the web. Our customized solutions not only have many takers, but a significant number of admirers too, who have, over the past few years earned us many new customers. A few testimonials from our well-wishing clients will speak louder than a million words written over here.

Our Team is a perfect blend of innovators and executors. Led by an highly reputed and First Generation Industrialist, Anand Damani – (a gold medalist Chartered Accountant), we have a highly efficient team of human resources which we like to call our “assets”. True to its meaning, Galaxy Web Links treats each employee as an value adding asset – and not as a salary taking liability. Our Director, Varun Bihaniis a young entrepreneur who fills life in each of our projects and enthusiasm & energy in each of our employees. An MCA and MS (New York) qualification is just an added star on his glittering personality. At 26, and having over 5 years of experience in Web Development, he is being touted as the next thing to watch for! There is a similar such story for each of our assets who come to work each day not to “do their job and earn their bread”, but to learn a new trick, to make another innovation and to add a new chapter to their story.As Sachin Tendulkar says: “People throw stones at you, and you turn them into milestones”.We intend to use this blog as a platform for mutual interaction with the world, our many customers around the world, businesses looking to be transformed into Profitable Entities, like minded people and organizations willing to be affiliated with us and you, in particular. Do let us know your feedback about our work, our culture, our people, this blog – anything you feel we should be knowing. Over the next several weeks, we shall be keeping you posted with updates on our various projects, our new products, innovations and technologies that we’re working on – to name a few. So keep yourself updated with our forever expanding galaxy and subscribe to our feed now.

Its good to be knowing you!