In the decade of our existence on the web, we have served many hundred clients with either our customized tailor-made solutions or by our ready to use applications which seamlessly fit into their requirements. Although our products were always well equipped with support menu and FAQs, but many a times it happened that our clients would have issues with installation or functionality. Over this period of serving our customers, we realized the importance of providing an instant and dedicated support network for our customers’ support issues. We figured out that it was high time the web industry starts showing its customers that it cares for them. And with this initiative, we launched Galaxy Live Support in December 2008.

Galaxy Live Support is a hosted service for providing Live Help desk to your customers on your own website. It has easy to use interfaces for admin and agents. A feature that stands out of all others is its ability to detect automatically when a support agent is online and accordingly notify the user about it.

A few key features of this system are:
  • No installation required
  • Unlimited departments for your business
  • Unlimited Support Operators*
  • Sound alerts for incoming messages
  • File transfer during live chat
  • Track your customer’s location and IP
  • Completely Secured Connection
  • Automatic greeting message and status alerts


All these features make Galaxy Live Support ideal for businesses like Travel, Real Estate, Education, Insurance, Government Offices, Car Rentals, Consultancies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Web Hosting, Web Designing and any other Service Oriented Businesses.

But Why?

If you’re asking yourself, why do I need live support running on my site? I already have CRM channels in place and working appropriately. Here are two key points I would like to make:

  • A skilled webmaster knows that the domain of opportunities on the web is unending. If your customer care system is already in place, Galaxy Live Support will not just enhance its functioning, but also add value to your business. Our surveys have revealed that a website featuring live support is likely to have much better conversion rates for business leads. The reason is fairly obvious: because your prospects know that you won’t leave them in a maze once a sale is done.
  • How much does it cost you to hire a dedicated agent following up on your customers issues and queries? I think that our solution comes as an affordable relief for small and medium businesses involved in any way on the web, as well as an easy way to earn consistent revenue for resellers and affiliates. Its a limited offer though. Currently we are also offering a free 7 day trial for promotional purposes.
To sum up, Galaxy Live Support is a must have for web based businesses because:
  1. It will convert the visitors on your website to clients.
  2. It will boost your conversion rates.
  3. It will help you retain your customers for future business.
  4. It will help you take a huge leap over your competitors. And,
  5. It’s the best and most affordable live support tool you’ll find on the Internet!
*Please Note: Galaxy Live Support is a hosted Live Support Solution provided by Galaxy Web Links Ltd. We provide Live Support facility on your website. We do not provide any live support operators. In simple words, we provide the solution, not the service. The service has to be yours.

Have a nice weekend ahead!