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27 Jul 2021

Choosing Django as Your Backend Framework in 2021

In this blog we discover what it's like to choose Django as a backend framework for your web/mobile app and see if it's still relevant.

07 Jul 2021

Node.js vs Python | Which Backend Framework to Choose?

Node.js or Python? Discover which one is the right backend technology for your solution.

23 Jun 2021

Our Backend Development Technology Favorites in 2021

Have a look at the top 5 backend development technologies that are going to be even more vital as businesses look to expand at a rapid rate.

04 Feb 2021

Top 5 Python Frameworks To Opt For

Here are 5 Python backend frameworks that you might want to consider for the backend of your web application.

22 Jan 2021

How to Migrate to .Net 5 without any hassles?

.Net 5 makes the development for Mobile, Web, and Desktop with .Net more unified and easier. Here are some of the major highlights.

17 Nov 2020

Top 8 Backend Frameworks for 2021

There are numerous Backend development frameworks. Selecting the right one can be a bit overwhelming. This list will make it easier for you.

21 Oct 2020

3 Cloud Problems That Needs Your Attention

The entirety of internet is on Cloud, but it has its fair share of problems. This blog addresses those cloud architectural problems.

18 Sep 2020

Effective Scaling Of Applications – Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to ensure the continuity of your business with a scalable application and grab opportunities that your business needs.

31 Aug 2020

How OpenAPI and Swagger helps in developing RESTful APIs?

Using Swagger tools can help streamline the documentation of Restful APIs. Read to know more how you can use OpenAPI and Swagger.

11 Aug 2020

What is Node.js and other things you should know about it?

Node.js is an event-driven, and non-blocking I/O model for creating applications. Here are the reasons why to use Node.js and when to use it.