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Jun 24, 2020

Rethinking KPIs in the time of a pandemic

Let’s start with looking at the bigger picture so far. The need to survive the pandemic is by no means exclusive to businesses — and…

Best Practices Management Remote work
Jan 07, 2020

Why Cost-Cutting fails as a strategy?

There is constant pressure on businesses to improve margins through cost-cutting. Most of them find opportunities by identifying areas that can receive a 10% trim…

Dec 18, 2019

Retainer Pricing Model: A double-edged sword for agencies

According to a study done by pricing experts at McKinsey and Company, 1% price improvement results in an 11.1% increase in profits. This can make…

Management Product Development
Dec 01, 2018

Developing Custom Softwares, the Agile Way

The dynamic business environment with rapid technological changes have resulted in subsequent changes in customer requirements. They now look forward to options which have an…

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