NJB Security Logo - site redesigned by Galaxy Web Links for SEO optimization
NJB Security  is a private security service provider in the US tri-state area. They had a very basic website with no online presence. As they were losing customers to their competitors, they hired us to  redesign their website to rejuvenate their  brand and improve their search engine rankings to generate organic, targeted traffic from the tri-state area.

They were using our KPMRS – our SEO tool to monitor their Google performance, and were finding awful results. They knew they needed a site redesign and began the hunt: some companies were great but way too expensive, others not creative enough when given their brief. Finally they decided to look into the company who had created that SEO tool – Galaxy Web Links – and discovered we create websites for other small businesses like theirs. Because they were already customers, we went the extra mile and showed them a few mockups – gratis! They were delighted with the mockups, as they proved we’d understood their vision. Knowing that we had built a product as wonderful as that SEO tool as well, they knew they’d found the right developers for their site.

Objective: Site Redesign – SEO & UI  Emphasis

We were asked to redesign their old, outdated site to a clean, modern user interface —  SEO optimization was requested to attract targeted traffic, generate more leads, improve conversions and improve their ranking. We also were to add user-friendly navigation and integrate their branding and logo into a new, current color scheme.

Specific Requirements

UI (User Interface)

  • Simple, modern, professional UI
  • Color scheme to include textured off-white, deep gold, and blue to retain their original brand image.
  • User-friendly, easy to use improved navigation for visitors to learn about the company & services.

Site Features

  • SEO-optimization to improve conversion rates
  • Showcase success stories & portfolio
  • Semi-automation to allow company admins to update news stories frequently
  • Provided logo samples in various formats.
  • Provided a rough sketch of the basic portal including several color schemes choices.
  • Provided the images we requested, to enhance both the site’s professional look and attract users.
  • Provided the content to be displayed on the portal.
  • Took a keen interest in the various site development stages.
  • Stuck to the regular feedback mechanism of our company.

Methodology & Implementation

Client Input Throughout Process

Prior to design

  • Integrated the client’s current logo/branding into the new site design and site-wide color schemes
  • Provided 2 mock-ups so client would know what site would look like. From feedback, we provided revised mock-ups of the landing page (front page) in various color schemes, adhering to the rough sketch originally provided by the client.

During design

  • Integrated and edited logos and banners to meet the client’s expectations.
  • Navigation toolbar was designed in accordance with the support provided by the client.
  • Continuous communication stream: feedback via our company process enabled the design to be precisely as client had envisioned it.

Prior to Coding

Researched similar sites, used tools for SEO optimization purposes  Suggested keywords, tags and titles to the client for higher visibility of their portal on various search engines.

Navigation toolbar was designed in accordance with the support provided by the client.

They requested our well-known SEO optimization. As part of that process, we made several suggestions:

  • A section of the site be devoted to new content (crucial to SEO ranking.)
  • Sliders on their launch page NOT be in Flash (which is not optimized for SEO.)

We gave them a three week time frame, which included our lengthy, in depth  QA process.

During Coding

Custom partially-automated CMS module for article entry
Located pictures to visually enhance site
We got wonderful feedback from the sub-menu that opens when the mouse hovers over the ‘services’ link on the Launch page.
Technology used:

  • Twitter API connected their Twitter account to the site to display their tweets in real-time on the launch page.
  • Jquery for the custom rotator animation – Jquery is budget-friendly as it is open-source (free)
  • Set up free analytics for the site so they could monitor traffic stats (and our SEO progress, which is shown in Results below)

At Completion

Completed rigorous QA to our satisfaction, then went live.

After Site Went Live

The client hired us to manage their Adwords campaign for targeted keywords: it brought immediate results and instantly improved their conversion rate.


Stream-lined, elegant UI both attracts traffic and lowers bounce ratesNJB-launch page shows clean, professional design


NJB-launch page shows clean, professional designNOTE: no graphics were available for the original site at left. You can see, however, the lack of user-friendly navigation, no live Twitter, and a stale layout


 User-friendly navigation enables access to vital pages quicklyNJB new services page designed by Galaxy with new user-friendly right column navigation and custom color scheme


Attractive, professional color scheme, design & layout impress their usersNJB new success story page designed by Galaxy to high-light client's success stories visually while optimizing for SEO


Client Testimonial During and After Project Conclusion

“Once again, great job.  I can’t believe how accurately you guys captured my vision.”
“I’m liking what I’m seeing.”
“Original work you provide. Will knock on your doors for any web based solution I ever need.”

After the site went live, we received this:
Working with Galaxy was an absolute pleasure. I instantly felt as if I was a part of the team, and they made something spectacular from scratch. From my experience, I saw first-hand the professionals at Galaxy will drop anything for their clients at anytime, and that level of service is of the utmost importance. While my organization went to Galaxy for web design and search engine optimization, I would gladly go back to them for any future web solution I may need. Results were timely, cost efficient, and exceeded my already high expectations. All together a wonderful experience.”


From Client Survey

Keep your eyes on this space! Survey will be here soon.

SEO Results After Redesign & SEO Optimization

As a result of our research, their:

  • Site ranking jumped 300% for the targeted keywords we located and optimized for
  • Traffic increase: 200%
  • Leads (number of inquiries) increase: 500%

If you’d like similar ranking, traffic and leads increases by redesigning your site, look at our complete website design portfolio. We can either go from your design or create a new one from scratch: call us at 888-666-4316 to get started ASAP!